Connected watch

Color: Grey
 Connected watch P8 1.4 inches for men and women fully tactile, physical activity monitor, blood pressure, smart clock, Bluetooth, music, for Android iOS P8 is our intelligent last generation and most profitable watch. In this new version, the smart watch P8 has a brand new 1.4-inch color screen and a full capacitive touch. The soft silicone bracelet makes P8 light and comfortable to wear on your wrist and is available in 3 beautiful colors with matching interchangeable straps. P8 Upgrading Watch Cadrans P8 Added to 250 +. (Most other smart watches have only 4 watch faces.) Updated December 11, 2020 Stay healthy> Sports: Tracking activities All day, IPX7 Waterproof, 7 Exercise modes, Stopwatch, Report Sports data.> Health: heart rate 24/7, blood pressure, blood oxygen, sleep tracking and steps, moving reminders, track your menstrual cycle.> Life: Smartphone notifications, alarm clock, weather, shutter, control of the Music, 250 + watch dials. (Supports custom watch dials.) With battery life up to 7 days, keep the inspiration coming day and night. Language Push Information: Support for all languages ​​of the smart watch Languages: English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Arabic, Ukrainian, Italian, Indonesian, Thai, Chinese, Chinese traditional language of L Application: Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Czech, Japanese, French, Polish, Thai, Swedish, Ukrainian, Finnish, English, Dutch, Vietnamese, Arabic, Korean, Danish, Bulgarian, Bokmal, Nordic, Hindi, Indonesian , Fabric, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.

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