Bodycare ™ knee

Color: Green

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How to measure the leg tower?

Knee measuring knee pad BODYCARE

Articulation protection

The BODYCARE KNEW™ ensures a Complete stability of the knee for the preserve. The compression phenomenon it generates improves the proprioception: The safe position of the muscular chain, tendon and articular is thus better coordinated by the nervous system. TheMenisk wear is limited, the Tensions of the patellar tendon are diminished, Muscle stiffness are mitigated ... many are the benefits of the last generation of BODYCARE KNEW™.




The Bodycare ™ knee warrants a Total freedom of movement thanks to its sustainable compressive elastic fabric. It is composed of a firm main sheath and solid, adjustment straps for a Maintenance localized and accurate.


Why the BODYCARE ™ knee pad?

It is recommended by the doctors in the Preventive treatments patellar instability, meniscus pain, muscle imbalance, tendonopathy or mere joint discomfort. It is very coveted in daily activities such as the Jogging or the market and strong sports solicitations like the Cross-Fit, the bodybuilding where the ruby.




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