Electrostimulations arms and calf



Electric muscular workout apparatus, the latest scientific and healthy fitness technology. The stimulator sticker of the abdomen / arm / calf / cessier adopts this advanced technology and manufactured in a high quality material, so you can create a charming muscular shape without even lifting a finger under its help.
There are 6 operating modes and 11 levels of intensity to meet your daily exercise requests, simply press the button to start training, help muscle relaxation, warm-up, mild workout, Food combustion, fitness and muscle reinforcement for safety and healthy workout.
Odorless and soft gel cushion for the skin, offers a soft and comfortable sensation to your delicate skin, which allows a great adhesion to your arms. Clean your skin before using this PAD gel, it must be replaced after being used continuously for 20-25 days.
Lightweight and portable. You can make muscle training in the office, in the room or wherever you want, not just in the gym, easily reach your exercise goal using daily, practical and practical time.
Perfect for the training of the abdomen, from the biccipital muscle of the arm, the deltoid muscle or the muscle of the calf, hips, thigh. Strengthen muscles, stay in shape.


Product Type: Muscular Training Belts
Material: ABS plastic, gel
Size: 8 Pads Abdomen Sticker 195x19 3mm / 7.68x7.60in; Self-sticker arm 200x100x2 0mm / 7.87x3.94x0.79in abdominal sticker 260x19 5mm / 10.23x7.67 inches; Gel cushion 59x3 9mm / 2.3x1.5in.
Battery type: AAA battery (not included)
Large unique switch and adjustment button-easy to use
Upgrade indicator-a mode indicator
The gel cushion with ergonomic design-the form adapts better to your skin


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