New model 2020

Pek elastic Bodycare™ allows for maintain and of relieve The articulation.

In particular, it is recommended in the following pathologies:

- Hyper-laxity ligament

- Benign sprain

- Plantar Fasciitis

- osteoarthritis

- Achilles tendon lesion

- calcaneal spine

- Tendinitis

- Chronic swelling

- Joint pain, trauma and / or contusion

Breathable BodyCare

Pek Bodycare™ helps relieve the stiffness and the joint pain

It ensures immobilization and better stability of the ankle and reduces the muscle fatigue : a good option facilitate the RECOVERY!






Perfect for thetraining daily, thesport with high impact but also for daily activities, thekle BODYCARE ™ will give your ankle thesupportwhich she needs during training.

After an ankle injury or a weakness, this peawrProtects recurrence and the apprehension that surrounds them.



Why trust Bodycare ™?

The societyBodycare™ is aFrench companyspecialized in thepreventionand post traumatic treatment of the ankle. Our offices are installed atRoyan in Charente Maritime. Our team hasengineeringconstantly seeking to improve our products and study the mostefficientIn the subject.


A votre adresse : 2.90€

GRATUIT dès 35€ 

Livrée chez vous en 3 à 5 jours ouvrés 


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